Here is a Glicko-2 (that is, ELO-style) world ranking for men’s epee, using all world cup direct elimination bouts since 2014/15.


My wife is a compliance lawyer. My dad wrote a fun book about fencing.


When I was a research assistant at the Riksbank around 2011, I wrote a little program that generates macro-sounding paper titles. Reload this page a couple of times, and I bet you would like to read (or write) a few of the (imaginary) papers.

Chrome Plugin for University Library Login

Here is a Google Chrome plugin that makes it (relatively) easy to reload a scientific journal webpage logged in through the Stockholm University library system. It takes a page of a scientific journal (for example this one) and replaces it with its Stockholm University library equivalent (for example this).

The pseudo code should be obvious (insert “ezp.sub.su.se”). Here is the full source code of the plugin. Feel free to adapt it to your own university library.