My favorite hobby is fencing. My club’s beautiful homepage is here. For fun, here is a Glicko-2 (that is, ELO-style) world ranking for men’s epee, using all world cup direct elimination bouts since 2014/15.


My wife is an anti-money-laundering expert. My dad wrote a fun book about fencing.


When I was a research assistant at the Riksbank around 2011, I wrote a little program that generates macro-sounding paper titles. Reload this page a couple of times, and I bet you would like to read (or write) a few of the (imaginary) papers.

Chrome Plugin for University Library Login

Here is a Google Chrome plugin that makes it (relatively) easy to reload a scientific journal webpage logged in through the Stockholm University library system. It takes a page of a scientific journal (for example this one) and replaces it with its Stockholm University library equivalent (for example this).

The pseudo-code should be obvious (insert “ezp.sub.su.se”). Here is the full source code of the plugin. Feel free to adapt it to your own university library.